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Help with Debt Collections

If you are suffering abuse at the hands of a debt collector, you may be protected under the law. The fair debt collection practices act, or FDCPA, passed in 1977 was meant to protect the rights of consumers like you from abusive third party debt collectors. The legal protection is there, and experts are available to you without costing you any money.

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What Debt is Covered?

The FDCPA applies only to the collection of debt incurred by a consumer primarily for personal, family, or household purposes. It does not apply to the collection of corporate debt or debt owed for business or agricultural purposes.

Collection Harassment

If you feel your rights have been violated, or are unsure and want to learn more about it, complete our FDCPA form. FDCPA legal representation is at NO COST to you, win or lose. The burden of payment is on the debt collector if they are found guilty of an FDCPA violation. Contact our firm today, to speak with an FDCPA Lawyer regarding the list of violations and whether you may be a victim. Turn to an attorney who can help you get your life back; an attorney who can sue debt collectors without cost to you, and deliver relief.